Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Well another exciting, bitter cold year of college education has passed away and that means I. AM. HOME. Back in the sweet, sweet suburbs of Centerville.
After many e-mails, phone calls, and an assortment of paperwork, I have secured at a job at the new fitness club, Skills Fitness (if you don't know what this place is start asking some questions. Anyone who is anyone is going to be a member there and you won't want to find yourself on the outside looking in...BELIEVE ME)
Besides my new job I am soon to be embarking on a trip to Europe! Yes, yes you heard me. I am traveling somewhere besides St. George or Provo! Departure date is July 1st and the excitement and nerves are starting to creep in! If you have found yourself in Europe before I am always looking for advice to keep myself safe and happy on this please, please contact me with advice! Thanks for reading if you are!

Lovingly, Hadley

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