Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving, after all, is a word of action. ~W.J. Cameron

Happy Thanksgiving one and all!

Spending my time down in St. George with my family and looking forward to a big feast later on this afternoon. Spent some time the past few days thinking about all the things I REALLY am grateful for. I know there are million of things I am missing, but here are the things that came to mind;

-Job that makes me a better person.
-The chance to attend school.
-Siblings that love.
-A darling nephew.
-Funny, loving parents.
-Car that drives well in the snow.
-Friends I can rely on.
-A new dishwasher in my apartment.
-Growing up in the same neighborhood.
-Warm coats.
-Fun roommates (even though they can be messy)
-Portable heater.
-Lots of fingernail polish.
-Shepard's Pie, french dip sandwiches, and spaghetti pie.
-Faith in God.
-Current and past church leaders.
-Good health (despite my current skin).

Hope everyone is focusing on all the things they really do enjoy in life. Thanksgiving really is a word of action. Do something! Happy Thanksgiving!!

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