Friday, January 21, 2011

I have always been one to organize my life in lists! There is something so rewarding about literally slashing through your to-do's one at a time, or keeping things organized in a linear manner.

I recently have been producing a new kind of list however...when living away from your family and working with children you learn a variety of things on a daily basis!

So, let the lists begin:

"Four years ago, I didn't know..."
-adults often need to be baby-sat.
-hair could end up in the microwave.
-money actually doesn't grow on trees.
-cold's and flu's are best to be caught while at home with your mom.
-the kitchen floor doesn't clean itself.
-how great iPhone's were.
-clean roommate's didn't exist.
-snot freezes quickly and unfreezes in class......on your sleeve.
-most people are dumb (my dad was right).
-Ann Cannon was a good writer.
-Hires was addictive.
-how much I would like kids.
-things called pet crematories existed.
-how to tokyo drift.
-the numbers on the gas pump increase rapidly.
-how to use jumper cables

"Four years ago, I did know, but have since forgotten..."
-what a home-cooked meal looked like.
-the difference between drive and reverse at stoplights.
-my recommended daily vegetable serving.
-to keep my hands off my face.
-to dress according to the weather.
-what having good skin felt like.

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