Tuesday, January 18, 2011

From 3 to 6, Monday through Friday I work at Bridger Elementary School, babysitting slash tutoring elementary kids. It's usually just a whole lot of vowel sounds, jump rope songs, and peed pants (the kids... not me of course)!

Last week, roles reversed a little at Bridger Elementary. I was taught or reminded the letter "a" can have different sounds and the fifth tally mark goes diagonal across the previous four, not horizontal, and that a tomato is a fruit, and bananas are extremely healthy and you should eat them even if they aren't your favorite (not going to happen), but most importantly I was reminded of how caring and considerate kids can be and usually are.

It seemed like a regular Tuesday. I was reading "Don't Take Your Snake to the Store" to the first graders when a box of candy Dots was placed in my lap by Michael, a second grader. He had overheard me expressing my love for such Dots and had saved me a box from his Halloween collection. I thought a lot about the box of Dots that day.

I thought about how the treat was probably placed in a secret pocket of his backpack to avoid the eyes of hungry classmates, I imagined him hiding it from his teacher so as not to get it confiscated, and I imagined Michael fighting off his own sweet-tooth all day when he easily could have eaten the candy himself. I dare say it was the most delicious box of Dots I've ever consumed.

I plan to do a little better and follow Michael's example. Whether it's decorating your sister's room for valentines day with a hundred hand-cut hearts, picking up your girlfriend's little sister from work so she doesn't throw up in front of her fellow employees, letting your favorite work-out pants get packed to Logan never knowing if they'll return, or sweet notes written on the napkin in your sack lunch. I'm sure we can all think of people in our lives who always go the extra mile in considering other's feelings.

May this remind us of the selfless attitude so many in our lives have. May it also encourage us to do a little more to be aware of others needs! Nobody likes a Me Monster!

inspired by children...Hadley

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