Friday, February 11, 2011

I recently spent some time airborne and while I travelled I was able to meet a darling, strange, interesting woman. She informed me she was a "birdier" (yes she did the little quotation mark gesture with her hands). I must have looked confused. Which I was. So she continued to explain a "birdier" was a fancy name for someone who spends a ridiculous amount of money travelling the world to watch birds. I certainly can get down with the travel the world part, but in all honesty I am probably scared of birds. In fact, I got uncomfortably close to some seagulls in Venice once and I can remember squealing out loud and nearly shattering my camera. One of those seagulls darted at me...felt him graze by my face I PROMISE.

Anyways, this woman started talking to me in the first place because she saw I was reading the book The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. She and I spent most the flight talking about how delightful. and what a light read it was. and how cute the characters were. and how we wanted to eat potato peel pie. and how we wished we wrote more letters. and lived in olden times (I felt this way, not the bird lady..she already was old).

So after all this I am recommending. No, I'm pleading for people to read this book. If you do maybe i'll have people willing to correspond by letter with me. It's a cute book ok?

PS) This lady also knew who Ann Cannon was! AND she was impressed that I had met her...Ann would be pleased to know she is now often brought up when I am name dropping to fellow book lovers!


  1. Read the book this summer and loved it! We can be pen pals from Rexburg to Logan, yes?

    Sincerely yours,

  2. I totally want to join your book club.

  3. You are the cutest! I will def check out that book :)

    Miss you lady!

  4. A. Remind me to tell you of the time I was attached by ducks. Full fledge attack, no joke.

    B. I will add this book to my ever growing list of reads, I am terrible about reading, want to do better.

    C. I really just got on this a,b,c kick and felt just having an a & b would be lame so here I am blabbing to make up c.

    Hope you are well!