Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Yes, yes, yes, I know what this looks like and it is indeed time for another one of my lists. This particular one will feature things that I just don't understand for one reason or another. In other words, I think the following things are stupid. If for any reason at all you feel inclined to present me with an argument to change my mind, i'd be glad to listen!

But in all fairness, I must warn you..and those who know me can attest to the following statement, I am RARELY one to change my mind once I have formed an opinion. And for the following things I have done just that. Made up my mind. Well, here goes:

I do not understand what Barack Obama is so scared of.
I do not understand wrist piercings. Yes, wrist piercings.
I do not understand negative temperatues.
I do not understand the new health care changes.
I do not understand bananas or peanut butter.
I do not understand moms who forget to be moms.
I do not undertand dads who forget to be dads.
I do not understand inconsiderate-ness. (Word?)

I was feeling a little like a "glass half empty" kind-of soul after all that, so thus I feel like I better note on a few things I ABSOLUTELY understand just to lighten the mood.

I DO understand Kate Nash.
I DO understand "What Not to Wear"
I DO understand hot dogs.
I DO understand sour candy. (ALL candy in general in understandable.)
I DO understand big earrings.
I DO understand guacamole Pringles.
I DO understand NyQuil.
I DO understand literacy societies.
I DO understand libraries.
I DO understand good boyfriends/girlfriends.
I DO understand eating out.

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