Sunday, March 27, 2011

I suddenly got the urge on Saturday to forget all the laundry piles scattered around my floor and get out of my bedroom. So I tucked my hair up in a high bun. Tied on my sneakers. Charged my iPod. Got some cash from the ATM and then took to the streets of Logan to visit every store or restaurant I'd ever considered stopping by.

The highlights of the trip included driving all over town with really loud music. finding a few good antique stores. meeting some interesting people including a homeless man, a cowboy with the biggest handlebar moustache i'd ever seen, and a police officer.

Things I bought: Awful earrings, two gold necklaces, four buttons, cotton candy (blue of course), floral sunglasses, three thrifted belts, crush in a glass bottle, mini jawbreakers, a wide/short shirt my mom will probably hate and my sister will probably steal, a whopper meal from BK, a neon orange bouncy ball for my collection, pepperoni pizza, and I finally tried 'mater bread' that I have so often heard was not good by the way. I knew I didn't like tomatoes.

Things I wanted to buy: A pink polyester suit complete with ruffles salvaged from the 30's, two giant coke bottlecaps for Cam, a 6 pack of FULL/DUSTY (probably fermented) glass coke bottles also for Cam, a necklace pendant shaped like an extremely large key, the whole basket of buttons, these really old photo albums, a hideous wallet shaped like a fish for Cam (who knew there were wallets out there in worse condition than his current wallet), and a set of antique Tonka cars for the boys at my elementary school.

Things that made me a little nervous: when my iPod refused to play in the beginning, when the buttons and earrings I bought went spilling all over the car, when police sirens and lights came up behind me, when a semi came flying past me on the side of the road, when pizza plus was closed, when I took a bite of a tomato, when me and lunch started getting closer to the homeless man, when I couldn't decide which candy to buy, and when I drove a little too far north and thought I was in Idaho!

It's been a while since I've let my impulsive tendencies get the best of me and i'll admit this will be one of the most memorable days of my college years and to think I was the only one who witnessed it! Enjoy the pictures :) Let me know who's in the next time I lose my mind like this!

Also, at this time I'd like to apologize to my family for incessantly calling each and every one of you. And Cam I'm sorry for going near a strange homeless man alone, but he looked hungry!


  1. I love this Hadley girl. (Don't be scared, just me, Jill)

  2. hey i always see that guy and want to give him food... is he nice? why did you get pulled over? and when are you coming to elements?

  3. YOU are the cutest thing ever! I so wish I could have enjoyed this day with you. It sounds splendid.

  4. So glad you ahve a blog hads. This is great. Good finds on your solo-day.