Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My dad has always told me I am a girl who gets a lot of impulses. Well Dad, it is true. and right now a lot of things are going on inside my head. Announcement overload will commence....right...about.............now;

ATTN: I collected and filled out my Grad Packet today!
ATTN: I still have some CIL's to do!
ATTN: I am going to win with my March Madness bracket!
ATTN:I really like Taco Bell!
ATTN: TWO more days of work!
ATTN: If I never take another online class again I'll be just fine.
ATTN: My hair is very blonde and so is my skin!
ATTN: I want to go somewhere warm and get tanner than I ever have before.
ATTN: Where are all my friends? Megan (Idaho). Janessa (San Fransisco). Ace (Married). Kate (Married/Pregnant) Guess I found them.
ATTN: Where have all my earrings gone, Madison?
ATTN: Since when did I get so impatient?
ATTN: Way mad that my straightner broke.
ATTN: Goodnight....

1 comment:

  1. Yes, I may be married but I am still a good impluse day friend! Been to that vintage store, it's a good one but a touch pricey. Miss you Heech, call me anytime!