Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I didn't think either of these things were possible, but alas they are.

For one. I have a new blog obsession and for those of you Daybook lovers out there i'm about to make a pretty hefty statement.

Lula Palooza is better.

Yes I said it. No weird bangs or "love bird" videos. Just a cute girl and her dog, Spot. Plus, she mentioned Hires Big H in one of her posts, so I'm what you might call an insta-fan! Also, i'm thinking about bombarding her with a bunch of e-mails and demanding that she give me photoshop lessons and let me borrow her clothes/biographies on Chelsea Lately. Thoughts?

The next impossible matter? I'm thinking of changing blog fonts. Say goodbye to Whoop@$$ and Swenson. They have officially gone out of style. Please be patient as I start font-testing!

Happy Tuesday. I'll be at home bundled and praying for warm weather and watching Dear John and doing laundry and going to cereal science labs and NOT going to work. Thanks for spring break elementary kids. Now go to mexico and do something crazy.

By the way is anyone out there? Boyfriend doesn't even read my blog! Does anyone?


  1. I'm here! And Cameron better be reading your posts!!!!

  2. He texted me yesterday after I posted this! "Hadley i've read every blog entry you've made since we met" hahaha I stand corrected! Is Jax sick? How are you?

  3. Uh, hello! you are subscribed to on my reader account. Right as you post I am there in a flash!

  4. Um hello. Tracie Atkinson here reading. Thank you very much.