Friday, April 15, 2011

When I grow up I wanna be a blogger!

Well another Friday night wasted to nail polish, pizza, shasta, and the thinking chair! :) Aren't these the best types of nights? I have been blog perusing and I've developed a few blogging goals for myself. I've always heard in order for goals to come true, you've got to write them down. (Or is that for dreams??) 
Anyways, thats besides the point, I AM MOST CERTAINLY determined to: 

(A) Have 15 followers by August. HELP ME!
(B) Be cool enough to invite some "guests" to post on my blog.
(C) Document my weekly solo trips to matinees. AKA "Big Screen Wednesdays" despite the slight embarrassment I feel.

And I guess thats really all for now, but i'm sure to come up with more aspirations later on, so be sure to stay tuned! OH OH OH i'm going marathon yard selling tomorrow in the a.m, so be sure to check back for a post about that. I'm accompanying Tracie and she always manages to find all the treasures, so its bound to be fruitful! Check back please!


  1. oh i wish i could join for your yard sale marathon! yard sales in IL have not impressed me yet--today I only spent a whopping $1.25.

  2. Kellie, I only spent 50 cents and Ace couldn't find anything, so don't feel too bad. It wasn't our best trip out!

  3. sad that i dont make the left side of your blog..

  4. Yard Sales were a total bust! I will be out of town this weekend Heech, but maybe the following weekend?

  5. You are adorable. And you already have 10 followers. You'll have 15 in no time.

    Miss you.