Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I'm baaaaaack!

Well, I am sitting here eating a totino's pizza thinking to myself, "these things just are not good!" That thought made me think that the whole, entire world should know that, so hence i'm blogging again. TOTINO'S PIZZAS ARE BAAAAAD. BAD. BAD.

I have also updated the look of the blog and I have not plagiarized one thing, so thats good :)

Boyfriend has returned to California and i'm in Logan..(hello Skype) and work is starting to come together, so I should be a little more able to blog, read, pin, paint nails, and do other stuff.

This past weekend I was in California with Boyfriend, and my family, AND his family! Our parents went to dinner together (at ESPN Zone I should mention) and I think it went really well. Boyfriend, do you think so too?  Plus, the food I ordered was the best thing i've eaten..maybe EVER.

Also, in California we were able to go to the Angels slash Yankees game (Go Yankees...they lost! Bleh)
and the USC slash Utah football game (Go Utes...they lost! Bleh) All around it was a good time despite none of my team's winning....and having to leave boyfriend there while I travelled back to a different state.

Don't ask Cam or I about the ride down there with no a/c......really do not ask....we will talk about it again in a few years when we have cooled down...

I will attach some pictures.....if I have some! Bye for now.

Oh, oh, oh and I hate school (hence the doodling picture) and my dark roots/bad skin (will NOT be pictured).


  1. Go a step up and get Tony's pizza only two bucks! Much better.

  2. Whatever Hads, you love Totino's. Remember the days we had challenges who could eat the most of those?! Good times...