Sunday, January 1, 2012

Best. Christmas. Ever.

I always love this time of year, but a series of events have made this the best Christmas in all my 22 years.

First and foremost, I graduated from college and therefore got to cross "get a college degree" off my bucket list!

Second, I got my job back from last summer and got a pay raise! ($$$$)

Third, I got out of cold Logan and moved back to the land of friends and family!

The fourth thing is going to take a little more explanation....

So lets begin..... Prior to Christmas day I had spent a few days celebrating the holidays with my own family. Brother and I moved our mattresses downstairs by the TV...I mean fire. We drank my mom's famous wassail. Had the first annual Hintze Candy House-building contest. Got Nike pajamas from the elves. Had a ping pong tournament. Played with cute nephews. And got spoiled Christmas morning.

I hadn't seen boyfriend in over 4 months so I was especially looking forward to seeing him after all the long distance garbage.  So Christmas morning, Dylan, Madison, Eddie, and I loaded the baby blue and set off toward Southern Utah. I met boyfriend and Carson (boyfriend's brother) off the freeway and went over the river and through the woods to Grandpa and Grandma Roundy's house/cabin in Esclante. After a 2 hour ride we pulled in and were greeted by Amanda, Scotty, Scott's parents, Jaxon, Chloe, Michelle, Barry, Grandpa and Grandma Roundy.

We ate dinner, played games, exchanged goofy gifts, talked, and played pool.

Then the big thing happened.....

I opened a present that contained a card that contained a letter written by boyfriend to me. It said a bunch of darling sappy things that brought everyone in the room to tears, me and boyfriend especially. The letter ended in a question and boyfriend on one knee with a BEAUTIFUL ring. I screamed, cried, shook, and said YES!

To make it even better my parents and brother made the 5 hour drive and surprised me by hiding in the loft of the cabin, emerging down the stairs once I'd said yes. Can't even explain how blessed I am! Love my family and NEW family.  

Bucket list entry, "Marry my best friend in the temple"..........soon to be crossed off!


PS) Two days after the engagement, boyfriend..I mean fiance did something equally as adorable...He dropped me off in St. George in tears as he continued back to California. Then got sad and came back for me and stayed in Utah for several EXTRA days. So we went to movies, did some shopping, laughing, and spent every chance we could together!

PSS) Boyfriend will hate this addition, but I feel it NECESSARY to note that LeBron James also recently got engaged...guess he gave in once he knew I was off the market ;)


  1. You are adorable! So excited to have you as my sister! Love you!


  2. I love this. And yes, I stalk your life through your blog. haha.