Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Powerless - Day Four

Just me checking in again. I just rescued my computer from the neighbor's apartment where it has been charging! I have a few new updates. The most terrible thing has happened...the gas has now been shut off as well and you know what that means. NO. HOT. WATER.

Other items i'd like to share are:

-The mysterious, smoking man I told you about..Well, he has clones or he's started a smoking club and they've decided under the shade of my tree is where they will congregate. Smokers everywhere around here!

-Mom came up to Logan yesterday. We lunched and did some shopping. THEN she came to work with me and was saving kids from punishment all day. They should feel very lucky that she was there. Fun to have her there! Mom, you don't read this, but thanks for coming. Love you!

-I received a ticket last week because my registration was out of date. BY FOUR DAYS! Furious, give me a break. I live away from home and I hadn't had a chance to take care of it yet. More on this...I took care of the registration hoping the ticket would be discounted. Went to to pay this morning. Had all my proper paperwork, but apparently they do no accept temporary registration, so I paid full price regardless. Stuuuuuuupid.

-Also, I submitted my grad packet for the Dean's signature today :) Delightful!

Thank heavens it's Wednesday and i'm out of here on Friday!
Saturday by 9 am i'll be in California with boyfriend! :)

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