Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Powerless - Day Three

Well I'm back to my dark place. So far there hasn't been anymore issues....oh wait...yes there has. Here are last night's headlines:

-Walked into apartment to find some strange, large, smelly, sticky, brown spill on the kitchen floor.
-Went to Walmart around 9pm only to return home finding a scary, smoking man, whom i've never seen, on the steps of my apartment complex. Also, I might add that i'm not sure if what he was smoking was just a cigarette if you know what I mean?
-Also outside my apartment, I was being shot at by an airsoft gun while hauling in a bunch of groceries, but I safely got inside with no dropped bags or bullet wounds, and behind locked TWO locked doors!

Also in news....
-My ASC staff delightfully saved a boy before he was strangled to death by his older sister. (Well done Jess)
-I wish the same could be said for the boy who was pelted in the head with a rock...
-2 days left of After School Club!
-4 days until I'll be in SUNNY California!


  1. I am sad i missed this strangling story at work haha!

  2. I love this!!! You're welcome for saving Logan...although I'm not sure he deserved it after he threw that rock at Alexis's head...