Thursday, May 12, 2011

Powerless - Day One

Well I had an interesting surprise this afternoon. I'm just minding my own business in my apartment when WHAM the place goes dark and all the outlets stop working. Come to find out my power has been turned off. After a panicked phone call to Logan City I found out indeed my power has been cut and it's going to cost me $130 to turn back on. I called several more times explaining to the AWFUL kind lady that I really am only needing power for six more days and if she could just add my name to the account and get these lights turned back on that would be greatly appreciated. To spare you all the nasty details I will just sum this all up by saying I. Am. Left. Powerless. Lightless. AC-less. Heatless. and all else-less that comes with no power. I do have candles and battery lights that give off a little something. Be sure to check back here for my dark adventures!

Doesn't this just sound like the perfect beginning to a terrible horror film....Young girl living alone in an unfamiliar city, in an old, run-down, shoddy apartment. With no lights and no one around to hear her muffled screams.

Well I'll be barricading my door, sleeping with pepper spray and calling boyfriend a lot! Wish me luck! (Not you though MAdison, you've told me good luck quite enough already)


  1. what unfamiliar city are you living in? also i told you brentwood was a dump... three years ago ;)

  2. Fine, I am not in an unfamiliar city, but it just sounded good :)